Monday 14 March 2022

Boasting in Christ and Him Twitterfied

So, at the drop of a hat, a lot of tension ended up on everyone's feeds. Circulating like the Ghost of Kyiv around the severely unskilled and underprepared invasion forces of the Red army.

And the same list of characters we usually expect noise from gave us noise on demand. The pundits pounded the narrative hard and loud like all drums before and during wars. The politicians spent their sanctions with little to no regard for who they actually affect or whether a psychopathic leader opposed to their actions wouldn't have contingencies for their rainbow-coloured sabre-rattling. 

But it was the pastors that surprised me the most. 

People who are supposed to be taking their takes on everything from a book so old it predates how books are even made. With a God so over and above wars and violence that he would kill his own Son for our sins and declare him a prince of peace afterwards. One with a flaming sword for the nations mind you. So Watch out there Zelensky 

I mean. I know pastoring is a hard job but of all the times to make it easier by not jumping the gun. The run-up to a possible WW3 was one of them. 

Indeed, we saw what heroism can look like as the interwebs gave us hallowed tales of a President asking for ammo instead of rides. Until that was a questionable fact along with airsoft sporting beauty patentees.

So here for all the Christian Twitterverse to see is a bulletproof means to always come up on top. To never look like a person who jumped the gun and ended up supporting a fascist regime, however unjustly attacked by another fascist regime, that may or may not have Nazi ties. 

Boast in Christ, and nothing else. Don't relate the war in a foreign land to your personal political or theological leanings. 

Boast in the Christ's who are headed there to give aid to anyone one who got shot. Not just the ones who Twitter decides Elon should leave their teslas running or not. Under a red cross that was there the last two times this bullshit happened. 

Boast in the Christ's raising funds for the soon-to-be widows and orphans. On both sides. Not just the ones we're told by our pundits to hate. Because such is pure religion as ordained by God and his half-brother James. And do it in a way that can't be cancelled by the convenience pay options from the phones you use.

Boast in the Christ's willingness to welcome the refugees into your communities. Even though your government bringing them in, violates the travel restrictions they've hypocritically kept on you for the last two years. 

There is no other answer to the hate and violence and vitriol and death the world brings to you. In curated and algorithmic order. The world sincerely wants you to engage this trouble on their terms. Which will make you look nothing like Christ and disturbingly like those who would put him on the cross in the first place.

Do it on your terms instead, and Boast in Christ.

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