Online as it is in Heaven

We're living in an age of constant movement. Our world is changing at the breakneck speed of progress as we become the most connected, most educated, and most information-saturated generation ever. And in the midst of this marvel, we get invited to a mobile game on Facebook. We spend hours scrolling mindlessly on couches and toilets. we make sure our entire social circle knows what we had to eat for Sunday brunch. But what if there was a deeper purpose to the Internet. A reason behind our phones becoming ubiquitous. A plan for the tech and connectedness we often take for granted in our lives. What if God had a plan for your data plan. A reason for creating fibre optic high-speed internet and laptops, alongside the platypus and photosynthesis. An Idea of what to do with sin and social media alike.And what if the bad parts of the online world are opposed to that plan. Like porn, gossip and trolls on Reddit. Is there a heavenly good to every laptop and smartphone in the hands of nine-year-olds and millennials alike? Online as it is in Heaven Looks into what that reason and purpose might be and where it might be heading. For the Church, for its pastors and for Christians living in the world but not of it.

An Interesting Youth Pastor                            

He is the Savior and God for millions of people and yet if He acted the way He did in His scripture today most of us would not mark Him for the Messiah He is. Most modern Christians would exclude their savior based on His drinking habits alone. But what if we could see Him for what He truly is? As if He was a pastor at our church not a character in a book we maybe don’t take a seriously as its author. Better yet what if He chose to suffer the children to come to Him and signed on as a youth pastor. 

Jesus Christ!
Jesus said that He is the chief shepherd, a word in biblical Greek that has been translated as our modern day pastor. So while it may or may not be mentioned or noted He is the pastor of every church that has Christians in it. Jesus also said that the kingdom of heaven belonged to children. That their faith was to be an example for other older saints. He even went so far as to threaten a watery death for those who cause children to sin. 
It’s clear He took children’s ministry seriously. 
What if He took it literally?
Let’s take a look at how Jesus would act, speak and live in our lives. Just as if He was working at your church. Working with troubled teens, preaching the gospel He founded centuries ago. See how the messages of peace and love and forgiveness play out with selfies, the internet, and high school. As if he were…
“An Interesting Youth Pastor”
Are there places where we avoid His example?
Are there times where we prefer our own way of life and church?
Where would our Savior surprise us in the religion He founded centuries ago by dying for our sins. Would the processes or church work mesh nicely with our savior? Would our traditions and Christian culture in North America be embraced by His leadership? 
Most importantly would His youth group know He was Jesus Christ? Son of God and savior of the world.

5 ways to share your faith in the office      
If you’re a Christian you have had the chance to share your faith. Maybe it was too soon after you found Jesus or maybe with the wrong person who would never accept him in your opinion. But somewhere along the lines of you finding Jesus then finding this book you have had the chance to share the gospel. If you didn't this book is for you. We find ourselves embroiled in a constant struggle to work meaningfully and live meaningfully both in the name of Jesus. But Lord Help us our biggest fear and roadblock in being evangelical are often our biggest friends.  We love them and Love our savior and can’t get them to together without feeling like we’re selling something or worse. This Book goes over five easy risk and relationship threatening free actions every office worker can take to start their foray into evangelism. None of them are loud or boisterous and only one of them needs you to ask a question. So let’s take the simple steps and act in simple ways so that you can share your faith in the office.

Drinking With Your Bible   
Do you drink?

Do you drink and are a Christian?

Have you ever had to hide or explain your beverage of choice as a Christian?

Have you wondered why the bible talks about wine but you drink grape juice at communion?

The Bible has a lot to say to us about booze but it’s often washed over in the name of safety and prudence. But that is not how Jesus taught or practiced on His consumption of alcohol. So let take a look not only at what the scriptures say but how they say it. How the Bible pairs well with certain spirits and drinks. Most of all how we can come to a deeper understanding of God, through Gods great gift of alcohol.

WORK BIKE (How the world could work on bikes)

Every day we hop in our cars and make our way to work. All blissfully unaware of the necessity that gas and diesel plan in keeping our world together. But like it or not fossil fuels not infinite and their prices historically have never been stable.

There may come a time where the world will need a simpler method for day to day transportation. One not attached to a finite energy source.

Bikes can be that transportation.

With some thought and consideration, the world could transition to bikes from cars. The questions would be how.

“WORK BIKE” hopes to start the pedals pumping on that how.

People, Problems, and Paperwork.

They are the three things that compose almost all of your management trouble, People, Problems and Paperwork. And they are what form an endless trifecta of push and pull that drives all conflict and success at work. An honest view of some of the horrors and success in middle management, People Problems, and Paperwork seeks to show you, the struggling middle manager, how to deal with all three.

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The Book of Urban Payer

We pray for our food,

We pray for our families

We pray for our favourite sports teams, our jobs and our tax returns.

But seldom do we take time to pray for the city that surrounds us. We don’t think of the streets we drive on when our divine petition’s rise, we don’t consider the streetcar or the taxi when we seek God or say amen.

Our cities are places of people and problems. But they can be places of prayer. Not cloistered in churches and confined to pews. But spread through their breadth like the people they hold and bream with.

Join Mike van Goch as he prays for the city.