Friday 21 May 2021

A note about my book "Online as it is in Heaven"

So a while ago I wrote what I thought would be the next trendy Christian book on a topic not many people were talking about at the time. 

Online as it is in Heaven, was definitely the best title snag I ever managed to pull off as a self-published author. The book has always done well. Selling a few copies here and there but it was always my hope that the concept of the book, a theology for the internet would catch on.

Well, it didn't.

When pressed by a pandemic and governmental response to the pandemic, the church as a whole fled to the internet as a type of compromise never seen before. Much to the delight of the health officials that wanted everyone to socially distance themselves. It seemed to be the fix all that we needed in the face of "danger" with big spooky scare quotes.

But in doing so Churches began a steady process of compromising their distinctives and convictions in blatantly wrong ways, rightly worded for everyone's greater good.

When it comes to my book, having never been called for interviews or consulting, I can hopefully assume that most people in positions of decision-making authority in the worldwide church, have not read my book. An apparent failure I am daily grateful for. But the book remains up for sale on amazon and kindle. 

Providing a moral problem for this author to deal with. 

First of all. The book is tragically incomplete. There is a faithful spirit in the pages but it never considered the kind of things the church would do online in the name of safety. Those things need to be reconciled and updated. In time and eventually. 

Second. I'm not about to hide my shortcomings and frankly sins if this book has inspired the church to act unfaithfully online in the pursuit of Heaven. A note will be added to the digital and print-on-demand versions of the book to clarify the book's incompleteness and future pending revisions. One detailing the need for future work on this particular theological problem set.

For those who have already purchased the book, in any format and with proof of purchase, I will refund the cost immediately or provide a free paperback or electronic copy if so desired upon republication of the revised version of the book. Please get in contact if this applies to you.

I'm not one to believe in the practice and worth of penance. But since last year when what was being told to the public about the virus and what was actually happening stopped lining up, I've felt odd about this book and finally came to terms with what to do with it. 

Hopefully, like all sinful and evil things, even in small and trifling ways, Jesus can redeem this too.

"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

Hebrews 13:16

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