Thursday, 4 March 2021

Half Full

Half full parking lot of cars.
Half full sky with half full stars.
Winter nights give way to spring.
Almost time to shout and sing.

Half full pockets still locked down.
Half full wake and wedding gowns.
Empty seats are waiting still.
Overflowing cup to fill.

Half full coffers, half full plate.
Budget, project, early, late.
Half full office, couch, and desk.
Optimistic measured risk.

Half full bookshelf, half full shoes.
Sweatpant, hoodie, robe and pews.
Half full thirty, fifteen, none.
Gather church to praise the Son.

Half full tomb, well actually third.
Three in one and slaughtered Word.
Lamb and lion, pierced and slain.
Precious is the righteous name.

Half full wedding banquet feast.
Find the most and find the least.
Find the wicked and the poor.
Ask, seek, knock on heaven's door.

Half full basket filled with sweets.
Eggs and chocolates dared to meet.
Life in death did savior bring.
Almost time to shout and sing.

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