Monday 7 February 2022

A Theology Of...

A Theology of...

Of what?

Of everything!

Is there a Christian way to do things? does God care how you do the mundane? Can mundane become consequential in dramatic ways when cast in the light of a world where God exists? Because if a God who exists and more importantly exists as an arbiter of ultimate goods and ultimate evils, then how you drive your car, date your girlfriends, raise your kids, and fight your enemies, matters. 

Theology is the study of God, coming from the Greek words. Theos and Logos. God and Word or Science.

Any Words or Science of God have to contend with his creation of both Words and Science. 

There is not one atom in all creation that wasn't made by God if God is the one who made them. So how you think about everything those atoms make up and the things those atoms do, reflects how you think about God in the first place. And respectively vice versa. You don't just have a family. You have a family that God created. Your car is not just leased, it's ultimately owned by God. That and the trucks of a thousand dealerships. When there is an ultimate God, there is an ultimate ordering of reality and in today's world, what we inarguably could all use is more order in the deluge of chaos we are in.

Chaos of Politics.

Chaos of Relationships.

Chaos of Sex.

Chaos of Work.

The Chaos of a world in clear need of the order God brings.

That's what Theology is. A way to order the world. 

I would argue the best way.

And all you wonderful people get to come with me as I write about it. 

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