Wednesday 9 December 2020

An update on the book

As many of you know I have been slowly if not surely writing a book about the relationship and interaction between COVID-19 and the Chruch.

In October my employer worked with me to gift a month of writing time in November, to use up my vacation while still keeping an eye on all the pots currently on the stove at work. The time was well spent and as of November 30th, I have one section of the book drafted with 20,000 words down on the page.

The reason I'm updating everyone in a more official way is that the 20,000 words that got written were in a very different direction to where I thought the book was going. As such my initial hopes to publish a finished book by the first anniversary of the lockdown would not only result in a rushed and poor draft of the book. It will likely take 4 more months of writing to complete the book as it stands currently. What I'm hoping to do is get this first section as clean as possible in the first parts of the new year and really look into where this book ended up going with some trusted thought partners. 

In the meantime (That is until the first section is assessed) more regularly, I will be focusing on my pen name R.G. Michaels, and the fiction works I had originally planned for this year. This November was originally going to be both the launch and completion of a now three-part young adult novel series, for the annual NANOWRIMO. Alas, COVID and Jesus had other ideas.  

You can find that work and Social media following at . I am hoping to have the first book of the series released by easter of 2021 under that pen name. If not sooner

There is a strong chance that I likely won't return to non-fiction writing because of this book. To be real honest the process has kicked the ever-living shit out of me and 2020 has taken its toll to boot. The peace that I feel in my mind and spirit while writing fiction is a tempting and soothing balm from the Good Lord. In the event that it is or at the very least will be a more lasting silence from my real name, I figured I would give everyone the heads up. 

I will likely still post the odd article or poem to the blog as able and inspired to do so. I'm far too Dutch to not be opinionated on the internet. 

I'm not completely sure if this is a change in direction I'm seeing or just fatigue. So I don't want to do anything drastic. The blog will stay up and all the content will along with it. I'll likely collect all my research and notes and publish a rough notes version of the book in the event of it not being completed for anyone who was hoping for the next Purpose-Driven-Life from me to at least get the price of admission back to the sideshow that is my writing career.

Until all the smoke has cleared, rest in God. I know I sure am.

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