Friday, 23 October 2020

Head and Shoulders, Needs and Throes

Head and shoulders, needs and throes.
Online church is sorted though.
Figured out the lines and glass.
Figured all of this would pass.

Options for the faint of heart.
Take the gathered Body's parts.
Rules for we, but not for thee.
Scattered for sound clarity.

Cracks in founding solid walls.
Deaf to hear the hollered call.
Hands to eyes and you to me.
Can't say "have no need of thee."

Online outer courts for those,
Who says the masks are only clothes.
Who knows what covers all our sin.
Who sees the furnace, jump right in.

A temple stood with veils in place.
To keep the sinner in his space.
For Gentile, Levite, Jew, and Priest.
A curtain rod and holy feast.

And now the veil is fashion worn.
And those that don't receive their scorn.
How dare you risk the least of these.
You have to keep your distance, please.

We all forgot the big main point.
Were all one body, every joint.
The masked, the online, "cough". Oh No!
Head and shoulders, knees and toes.

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