Friday 8 May 2020

Do not fear, the angle said

Shelter first in place from friends.
That's the fastest way to end
limits made, restrictions led.
"Do not fear." The angel said.

Urged to listen, then comply.
Fines and jail time by and by.
Solitude in comfy bed.
"Do not fear." The angel said.

Touch the leper, feed the poor.
That is what the church is for.
Least of these my brother find.
By all means, I will not mind.

Twist and shimmy, bend and shake.
Pray the Lord thy soul to take.
Listen to the daily news.
Prioritize the King of Jews.

Took your worship, then your pew
did it all and in plain view.
Made you bow to rule of law.
Never seen what we have saw.

Faith is tested in the trail.
Walk the soldier's extra mile.
Yet by scriptures be thee led.
"Do not fear." The angel said.

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