Tuesday 12 May 2020

Contact, Bones and Dirts

Spit in hand and mud in eye.
Wiped with hands the tears we'd cry.
Ate with sinners, walked with crooks.
Center of our holy books.

Had the dirt washed from his feet,
by woman, sinner, made to weep
Had the crown placed on his head.
Had the spear wound, prove He's dead.

Wrapped in cotton, double layer.
Guarded, armed, buried, savior.
Rolled back stone and running girls,
Rabbi lives, go tell the world.

Won't believe you, could be lies.
Touch his hands, his head, his side.
Touch the broken Son of Man.
Touched the Godhead, now we can.

Made a faith of smell and sound, 
Wrapped in contact, love was found.
Love to reach the souls of men.
Hope to bring them home again.

Kisses, handshakes, smiles, and hugs.
Marriage beds and coffee mugs.
Faith is more than songs and words.
Skin and marrow, bones and dirts.

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