Wednesday 16 August 2017

The hardest yet most rewarding part of self publishing

I got my first legitimate manuscript back today from my first legitimate editor and somewhere between the red ink and comments something happened. I found the hardest part of my self-publishing journey get a little bit easier.

Whatever you hear on YouTube. Whatever you read on any forum or subreddit. The last remaining gatekeeper of the publishing industry is a good editor.

They are not some fiend keeping you from selling your best work in front of a barbed-wire barrier. They are a friend helping you clean and tweak your masterpiece into something that can fly. They don't so much keep the gate but help hold the door as you bring your work through it.

I spent the last three years trying to find one and even though my work has a lot more red ink right now.

It feels more real right now.

Here to editors!

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