Thursday 17 August 2017

Death throws of traditional publishing

Saw a post today from Zondervan. Who publishes the Bible and is known for publishing the Bible. They post featured one of their authors and an in-depth conversation they videoed with the talk show spiritual queen herself, Oprah.

On Super Soul Sunday too, as if they needed more fake spirituality to really water the kool-aid down.

Now I'm not one to grab a nail and 95 theses at the drop of a hat but if it's not said now, then when.

Amazons KDP system and the myriad of other services like it will spell the death of traditional Christian publishing. As compromising, messages can and will be challenged by faithful Christians posting what God puts on their heart and in their Word Docs.

If this is what Zondervan is driving these days, maybe I don't want to hop on the big Z bandwagon.

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