Saturday 19 February 2022

So Hard For You To Be Christian These Days

You're watching the news, the Twitter, the Tube

Trying your best to be righteous, not rude

Looking for love and doing what pays

So hard for you to be Christian these days

Christians with nightsticks

Christians with signs

Christians in semi-trucks holding the lines

Christians on horseback

Walkers and cars

Christians on sides gone a little too far

Christian who focus on "gospel" instead

Christian with bibles they've never even read

Christians with lawers and bitcoin and shoes

Christians like me and Christians like you

Show me the way the Christ beats those in crowds

Show me the Son honking horns way too loud

Show me the Godman in maple leaf red

With badges, the Jesus, that for your sins bled.

Christ's is not Liberal, and he's not NDP

Christ is the King of the you's and the me's

Not a Conservative, Rhino or Green

"If you've sought the Father in Me have you seen"

You don't vote for saviours, they only just come

Down for the many and count for the one

Drinking a cup that all of us dread

"They know not what they are doing," He said

Christ in the handcuffs, Christ in the bruise

Christ in the bias of left and right news

Christ from the pulpit, Christ in the Haze

So hard for you to be Christian these days

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