Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Less Than With Not

Bought with acceptance, bribed with a thought.
The cost of obedience is less than with not.

Sold on the idea of free will for all,
Like libertine grabbing of "mine" at the mall.

Purchased alongside trends and the fashion,
of carnal desires and your unkempt passion.

Flagged on the avatars of our all of our feeds.
Telling us all of our unknown deep needs.

No colours though vibrant or varied can tell,
of the worth that was levied as hammer stikes fell.

On nail heads in lieu of the waters held back,
on a word that's as sure as the night sky is black.

To obey in the face of want's burning flame,
means resisting the devil where he relabels shame.

Where he markets your vice's and flesh's desire.
Where he rebrands the sting of inevitable fire.

For a body's a body, and they're meant to be used,
and who can tell you who's more you than can you?

Sing yourself queer, in drag and in song.
Your body's as straight as the day is long.

You can't make a child without others entwined.
No love how erotic can be so enshrined.

Your unions will always be missing their parts.
As love is made whole in much more than your hearts.

It's made in the family constructed of boys,
paired with girls after weddings, birthing children as joys.

It's made in the way a family sits down.
knowing all of its members are part of that crown.

Not in compromise, caveat and forced lawyers fee's
Our God made it flawless like the birds and the bees.

He made it with love and he made it with care.
He made it full-well knowing sin would be there.

But no matter how legal your love won't be free.
It's chained to your self, not the Lover you see

Your pride won't break chains, won't lift prison bars.
Your parades don't make right what was wrong from afar.

You can't make the rain fall or hold back the dew,
and you can't change the way that the Father made you.

You can't make your self like you want to and ought.
the cost of obedience is less than with not.

Send us scattered with tolerance, whip us raw with free thought.
The cost of obedience is less than with not.