Wednesday 27 September 2017

Some trivia on trivial things

A lot of our online activity is trivialized by what's considered common. And being the grumpy Dutch guy I am, I find myself looking a bit deeper than the in ap purchases and game invites we all get on Facebook.
The joke can be made that we hold some of history's most powerful communication devices in the palm of our hands and we use them to play candy crush.
What if that triviality was planned. Why do you think games on Facebook became popular. We all know one or two people who play them way too much but the majority of us don't play them. At least we think. But the invites and inane status updates regarding our friends progress in these games, it causes something in us that cheapens the reality of the communicating power the modern western millennial has in their smartphone and data plan.
Those connections!
The gospel can be shared with orders of magnitude more people on the internet than in real life, because social media and viral content allow for it.
If you were an evil genius trying to stop that, how would you do it.
With over 30% of all internet traffic being porn I would consider makeing or rather mocking the communication abilities to be a logical if not evil next step.
I'm not saying Candy Crush or Farmville of any myriad of mobile games is sinful by default. I'm saying that your phone and laptop are a part of God's plan for humanity.
Perhaps in deeper ways than our high scores would allow us to investigate.