Tuesday 18 July 2017

Thank you for the mosquitos

Thank you for the mosquitos.
Thank you for the little reminders, that we are just as puncture-able as any of your creatures.
Thank you for the humility they bring to even the bravest of explorers, the most talented Woodsman.

No one is exempt from the toll you gave them for us.

Thank you for the mosquitos 
Help us remember that even they, were crafted by your hand, as we itch and we scratch and we swat and slap.
And keep us mindful as they take blood so, you gave it both for our sake and both in Your Glory.

So when they go missing on nights that they shouldn't. When they are absent from a night they should be plentiful in.

Nights when we walk out into empty fields expecting their bites but instead find your gracious silence.

Help us realize your blessing and their presence, and in their absence and give thanks for theirs

Thank you for the mosquitos.

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