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I have never been one to think there is a justified use of popup ads at any time on the internet. They are always annoying even if they do work and I loathe them. Which makes it very hard to make a living as a writer on said internet. That's why I made you click on the link for this page and made you make a conscious decision to pursue what you thought was interesting. I didn't trap you behind a hard to find pop up that make you enter in an email to get spammed later on. I hate this amongst all other detestable things on the internet this ranks right beneath porn and people who post full YouTube videos as ads.

That said if you would like to get regular updates on my writing and a free ebook of your choice to boot,

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Let me know which one of my books tickle's your fancy from the options below and I'll send it your way with a solemn vow to not spam or install pop-ups on my blog for as long as we both shall live.