Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Any church making detrimental decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic, leverages the risk of hosting an exclusively online gathering, against the capability of their congregation to disagree with them and choose to leave. These can be public decisions that are meant to be public or private decisions that weren't meant to get out, it won't necessarily matter. The least amount of effort is now needed to go to another church in protest of a leadership decision you disagree with. Disgruntled parishioners might not book a time with their pastor to tell them how they feel about a corporate decision. But they can find another church posting their services online and try them out. Risk-free and absent from interaction with that new church's people. From the comfort of their living room and in their pajamas. They will not be noticed as missing from their home church's online pew. They will not be noticed church shopping from the back row of a new virtual service elsewhere. Because online, you are just a viewer until you comment and interact. But their place in a volunteer position and tithe will go missing real fast. With nearly all large church services online now by necessity, a Christian can now shop for their online experience like they would on and swipe left on ones that have shown poorly like Tinder.

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