Friday, 12 July 2019

The Fear I Bring To Heaven

Of all the lovely books I've read,
Upon my desk and in my bed,
On couches, chairs, between crossed legs,
I have one fear I dread to beg,
The fear I bring to heaven.

These tomes are friends and tragic foes,
These pages filled with lovers woes
These dog eared parchment hearts and minds
Are where my eyes, uncertain find.
The fear I bring to heaven.

Not one will journey with the call,
Of trumpet sound to saints, at all.
Each bookmark margin line and note
Will never cross that righteous moat.
The fear I bring to Heaven.

But one word makes its way above,
A word that once was scourged for love.
A word that heals the wounds of sin,
A word that calls the lost son in.
A word that makes the broken whole
A word that pays our past due toll
A word made flesh to cross those shores
To show us how to fear the Lord.

A fear worth leaving every book,
In every rack and shelf and nook.
A word to praise forevermore,
To wisely know fear of the Lord.

The Fear I Bring To Heaven.