Friday, 21 June 2019

Available Now, Online as it is in Heaven

This book has been one of the most rewarding works I've had the chance to work on. I"m so glad to finally have it live.  

Book description:

We're living in an age of constant movement. Our world changing at the breakneck speed of progress as we become the most connected, most educated, and most information-saturated generation ever. And in the midst of this marvel, we get invited to a mobile game on Facebook. We spend hours scrolling mindlessly on couches and toilets. we make sure our entire social circle knows what we had to eat for Sunday brunch.
But what if there was a deeper purpose to the Internet. A reason behind our phones becoming ubiquitous. A plan for the tech and connectedness we often take for granted in our lives. 
What if God had a plan for your data plan. A reason for creating fibre optic high-speed internet and laptops, alongside the platypus and photosynthesis. An Idea of what to do with sin and social media alike.
And what if the bad parts of the online world are opposed to that plan. Like porn, gossip and trolls on Reddit.
Is there a heavenly good to every laptop and smartphone in the hands of nine-year-olds and millennials alike?

Online as it is in Heaven

Looks into what that reason and purpose might be and where it might be heading. For the Church, for its pastors and for Christians living in the world but not of it.

For Kindle.

Also available in Paperback.