Friday, 5 April 2019

The Book Of Urban Prayer, Streets

They are the grid lines and your blueprints Lord, in straight and narrow lines in winding and purposefully set crescents, bays and boulevards. Streets make the city move like veins in a creature they pulse with us. They move fast when we are busy and clog when there is too much of us like fat in an artery. Through them, the members of our cities body receive their nourishment of trade and commerce. They are the first things we touch once our doors close behind us in the morning and the last thing we grace upon our return home. Indeed, we might reside in our homes but make no mistake reader a fair amount of living happens on the avenue alongside your apartment. They are our neighborhoods our turf and the shortcuts that we know. They belong to us yet they are public spaces. A peculiar thing to that own the property alongside the un-purchasable means of getting to it. To buy with a price and yet to belong to for free. A dichotomy of ownership and onus, to make something ours that is ours already.
So we pray for them.
Father bless the roads we travel in our city. Show us how they are connected and through them, us. Give us clarity of mind to see the low-income housing on the wrong side of town share a yellow line of traffic with every street in the city, including ours. Give us mindfulness to share these roads with the people You’ve placed in Your neighborhoods. To know that parking spaces and alley access are all ours and yours that we own them because we live by them and you own everything by it being made by you. Give the avenues safety and the crescents careful drives. Bless the pickup games and pedestrians that enjoy that flat and graded spaces.
Bless the places these roads take us every journey we make. As they carry us through the city’s arrangement let us always be mindful of your desire to see your will be done. Jesus helps us to see neighbors as part of the ends of the earth. To not overlook what you have given to us by our postal codes and suite numbers.
These streets cluster us together, may our courage act upon that closeness. Give us mouths to speak over fences and across curbs to our blocks and co-op’s our condos and strangers next door. You have divided these great groups of people by distance and geographical landmarks. Given us easy in’s and out’s for travel. Help us use them to bring people to your church. Help us use them to bring your gospel to our blocks, let our streets be lined with the members of your body. So that like an arms embrace in love and hurt, joy and pain.
Give us the courtesy and mild tempers not ripe with road rage. Bless the stop signs and the yields. The curbs and the lines that teach us the value of order in your creation. Help us to use these streets to start our prayer for our city.

Taken from the Book of Urban Prayer, Available May 01 2019