Friday, 12 April 2019

The Book Of Urban Prayer, Coffee Shops

Oh Lord do we ever love our coffee. Not a day goes by for most of us that are not thankful for it in the workplace. Keeps us company on long commutes and then lonely cubicles. Not sure what you were up to when you made caffeine but thank you Lord, thank you. He's blessed us with a place that specializes in its brewing as well.
It's here we see that your creativity is given us to play out. in silence and community all at once. Bless the novels that will be written here on stark white computers with lattes in tow. Give us wisdom in the Bible studies held amongst chai lovers. Teaches to be generous with her tips and to pay it forward when it comes to the checkout. For coffee something that everyone can enjoy. This is where we meet with our pastors when we need to speak with them on spiritual matters. Where we get impromptu counseling from friends and loved ones. Help us to remember you every time we purchase a cup that your name is common here. Bless the dates that take place within these walls, me the honour you in affection and intent.

Taken from the Book of Urban Prayer, Available May 01 2019