Friday, 19 April 2019

The Book Of Urban Prayer, Abortion Clinics

Of all the places where we need prayer in our cities There are few more desperate than the abortion clinic. And while there are countless members of churches that are protesters in these places it could be questioned how many prayers are spent on them. When we are taught to pray by the Savior in the Gospels it's not on billboards or with picket signs. It's not with heaps of shame and shouts and slogans.
It's in secret and privacy. And it’s that privacy that is causing so much trouble for the church on the topic of abortions. As we seek to serve and spread the gospel in our cities, we will no doubt come in contact with the vilest forms of sin.
The question remains what are we going to do about that sin?
May we answer that question by searching your scriptures first. Give us the clarity of mind to see that Christ did not cast the first stone. Help us understand that He very well could have. Remind us from your word Lord that we are unfit to judge people for their sins. That you were the one who condemns with a worth far more damaging than any protest sign for slogan we can come up with. And that's the mark of your disciples is that we love one another more than anything else.
Our Father shows love to those who sin so desperately. Help us with their grief is the deal with the loss inflicted by their choice and the doctor's hands. Give us wisdom on how to deal with the children of rapists. Of the sins of incest and violation that still permeate our culture to this day. We know that we are broken and in need of a savior. Not just a procedure to take away the evidence of that son. May we recognize that all of mankind there's your image to bring you glory. That no syndrome or circumstance can take away that image or the fact of that glory.
Forgive the doctors who perform this procedure and the women who undergo it. Forgive the fathers who force this upon their daughters and girlfriend's, fiancées and wives. Inspire us to take care of people like you have always taken care of us. Help those who would adopt in their struggles and finance to make this a viable option in our world. And help us to value life the same way your son did as He hung on the cross. Help us to consider it a sacred place where your image is contested and where your Son's grace is spent at the highest of costs because of that contest.
In your mercy and grace find us.

Taken from the Book of Urban Prayer, Available May 01 2019