Friday, 4 January 2019

Book Review "not a fan." By Kyle Idleman

I see this book everywhere.

A tonne of my co-workers have this one on their bookshelves and several of my pastor friends do as well. I had been meaning to read it for a while but have had it for well over a year and just finished it over Christmas.

It was ok.

I think I was more attracted to the minimalist cover than the topic. Slightly reminiscent of a "cards against humanity" expansion set.

The book itself reminded me of reading some of Jon Acuff's early work and after 5 chapters it hit me.

This is a second-year Christian book.

One where you need to deepen your faith bit not take a full-on biblical greek survey. It seemed just ok to me because I knew most of the subject matter and had heard each chapters points in at least one sermon before.

But other believers have not and that's where this book fits in. It's great to have one the shelf for not so new believers and would be budding ministry workers.

A recommended reading for second-year Christians.