Friday, 14 December 2018

Book Review "Extreme Ownership." By Jocko Willink amd Leif Babin

I've wanted to review this book for a long time.

I got turned on to Jocko via Tim Ferris's podcast. I began to follow Jocko's podcast afterwards and then shamefully downloaded a ripped copy of his audiobook off youtube. it was worth it., the book is a leadership guide like few others in a market saturated with overtly positive or gimmicky concepts.

Jocko stakes everything on the leader's ownership of his team and circumstance.

Leaders all too often get to the place where they delegate responsibilities only to delegate possible blame later. having staff just gives you the proverbial cat's lives to spend as you the leader fails.

Jocko and Lief pulverize this false leadership faux pa like anything task unit bruiser would in combat. advising people to take drastic and decisive action instead of looking for non-combative or confrontational ways of dealing with the work world.

It was a refreshingly masculine and direct read that made me want to be a better leader and to take ownership of my life, warts and all.

Every leader should read this book.