Mark Has Some Good News, Part 67, Faith Under Pressure And Fashion Statements

Mark 14: 

A Young Man Flees 

51 And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body. And they seized him, 52 but he left the linen cloth and ran away naked.

I asked all the followers of the blog and Facebook page what they would do with this passage about a month ago to see how they interpreted this infallible, perfect, divinely inspired part of the word of God that speaks about a naked teen following Jesus until it was dangerous?

Here is what I got so far.

Scott Dueck's answer:

"The young man was a follower of Jesus (v. 51) and therefore a disciple, for that is exactly what a disciple is by definition. When all the other disciples fled (v. 50), the young man must have thought that he'd better run too. The crowd (sent from the chief priests, teachers of the law, and elders, (v. 43)) were armed with swords and clubs (same verse) and this young dude was likely scared because he was outnumbered and out-weapon’d. They went to grab him, but because he was barely clothed, he slipped away either because his skin was sweaty (he was scared) or slippery (i.e. oily. after all, they were on the Mount of Olives in an olive grove. maybe he washed himself in olive oil). Nevertheless, he slipped away (without the only garment that had clothed him (v. 52)) and escaped in the middle-east moonlight and likely caught up with his buddies who fled moments earlier (refer back to v. 50) leaving Jesus all alone in the grove. That’s my interpretation."

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Jon van Goch's answer:

"That’s a tough one

When you read the verses before it and understand that He was coming to his Glory by Judas betraying Him one would think that this man following in a linen cloth was another faithful follower of Jesus. When he sees his Lord and Savior arrested he sheds all he has in this world a does as Jesus tells and allows the Glory of the Lord to happen without his personal wants to be near Jesus. I think this shows that nothing should come in the way of what God wants. Even if that means His Sons death on a cross. When you are told to leave and are being held by your very clothes and made to stay you drop you drawers and leave because God said so

2 cents"

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Obviously he meant to follow Jesus until the very last minute. And what Mark is trying to show us here is not some weird moment in scripture that happened so let's just put it down for page filler. But that even the most devoted followers because all of his disciples had left, still refused to stay with Jesus like peter had so desperately tried to accomplish. We all leave Jesus and hang him on a cross for our sins, we're cowards at the heart hiding in the bushes naked just like our father Adam taught us to. This is a weird part of Scripture, for it to recon us back to such a dark time in the start of our history.