Thursday, 25 October 2018

Book Review "Over The Top" By Zig Ziglar

Been wanting to read this one for a while, finally got a hand on a copy via a value village bookshelf, which by the way a vastly underappreciated source for good used books.


Zig Ziglar is one of the first motivational speakers that really made a brand for himself and surprise surprise he's a Christian. and what I like about Zig's works is that he weaves that faith into his work in a way few other Christians do. It's not a Christian book by a long shot but his use of scripture to inform and instruct the reader in motivational topics is subtle yet profound. His works read like a quilt of good essays and articles with the gospel and key biblical passages showing up like flares of red thread. The way he uses scripture or rather refuses to hide how scripture informs him is how I hope to one day write.

A must read for anyone starting out in management or looking to re-organize their life.