Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Book Review "Don't Waste Your Life." by John Piper

"Don't Waste Your Life" is a very dry read so for fans of John piper expect a lot of what you generally hear from him in his preaching, It's a longer afternoon read if you read a lot and has many great stories that Piper uses to make his points.

His arguments like his preaching at pointed in delivery but meandering in their execution. Piper means business when he writes about a  life in devotion to Gods work and Kingdom.

Chapter 8 in particular is worth the rest of the book. Not many pastors adequately deal with the gap between vocation and ministry for the layman. Having struggled to find my rather unique position in a ministry setting this was a blessing outright to read.

A must for pastors or with the eighth chapter recommend for men in the church.