Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Book Review " Till Armageddon" by Billy Graham

Something I've wanted to do for a while now is a semi-regular book review.

A few paragraphs to flex the writing muscles and to let my fans and family know whats crossing my desk.

Here's the first of many.

Found in a free book pile I grabbed this delightful read mainly because Graham is one of the preeminent evangelists of the day. I've listened to a lot of his sermons over the years and grab what I can find of his written works as well, whenever I see them up for grabs.

Having been a person (like all people) with suffering in my life, the book's topic was something I leaned towards. Graham takes a methodical and metered approach to the deep topic by showing the varied facets of the jewel that suffering actually is in God's plans. While imposing the title deals little with the topic of the end times and instead uses that threat to anchor the readers dive into the different ways God uses suffering to His glory and our benefit.

An older book and most likely a hard find.

Well worth the time in my opinion.